10 cool house plants to grow inside

House plants are vital for bringing an indoor space to life, so if this year's Chelsea Flower Show inspires the budding designer in you, look no further than these spectacular growers and showers.

No home decor is complete without house plants and a big hit of indoor greenery. Ahead of next week's Chelsea Flower Show, we asked Chanel de Kock of to pick ten easy winners to add colour, structure and vitality to any interiors scheme.


Head to the tropics with vriesea’s fiery colour-burst blooms. “It might look like a diva but it’s actually pretty low maintenance and can thrive on one watering a week,” says de Kock.









Umbrella tree
Why splash out on a money tree when the umbrella tree has got you covered for indoor climbers? These towers of strength are “easy to care for and will last you for years,” says de Kock.




“Striking in appearance with thick, leathery leaves and even hidden health benefits, philodendrons are big green giants that are easy to live with and help enrich the air in your home,” says de Kock.



Good-looking on the outside but tough on the inside, kalanchoë is the Anthony Joshua of houseplants (don’t tell him we said that). “It thrives in dry environments and is easily adaptable to temperature changes,” says de Kock, which means you can use it to bring colour to any room in your home.



Devil’s ivy
If you’ve got a wicked streak, then this could be the vine for you. In fact, says de Kock, despite the name, devil’s ivy is “famous for being a lucky plant that brings its owner wealth and good fortune”, so it might not just be your home you furnish with green, but your wallet too.



Aloe vera
This medical aid and superfood is also a striking, eyecatching addition to your home, says de Kock, and its spikey leaves will help break up an abundance of soft furnishings in your living or bedroom.



Peace lily
This is house plant 101. If you’ve got brown thumbs, de Kock suggests going with a peace lily. And if, against all odds, that dies on you too, there’s no shame in faking it with a plastic alternative.



Snake plant
Snake plants are also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” (keep your jokes to yourself, please) and, says de Kock, “have air-purifying qualities, can survive in near-dark and don’t need a lot of water”. A good choice if you don’t mind moving your mother-in-law in (sorry, we couldn’t resist)



“Have an awkward empty space in your living room that you can’t fill with furniture?” asks de Kock. “Monstera grow wild and free and require very little care to look as good as they do. You can do your thing, and they can do theirs.”



For a commitment-free burst of nature, a new bunch of flowers every week is a good shout. Carnations are a retro trend right now and come in a range of statement colours. As de Kock puts it, “Real men love flowers.”


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