Shutter System EL 8100

Innovative shutter system which gives the appearance of old wooden shutters on modern aluminum constructions. Its design, that combines technical excellence with aesthetics perfection, guarantees a shutter with lasting value.


Moreover, Elvial gives you the possibility to give to your shutters the aesthetic result that you wish since you can use stable, mobile venetian blinds or ovalines, depending on your preferences. Elvial is also giving you the possibility to create also shutters with French type opening.

Main characteristics

  • The system has two kinds of frames. Simple frame, which can be placed either in the middle of the wall or on the external facade of the building. Additional frame that is used as an adjunct to frames for opening systems, which helps in the installation of fly-screens.
  • The filling of the sashes can be done with blind slats, fixed blinds or movable Venetian blinds.
  • Possibility to manufacture all kinds of shutters (from double sash to six sashes construction).
  • The existence of additional specific profiles for the frame allows the folding and securing of the sashes inside the wall.
  • Special decorative profiles can be placed inside the sash, which give excellent esthetic results.


Frame dimensionsWidth 58,5 mm & 128,3 mm  - Height 45 mm
Sash dimensionsWidth 40 mm – Height 60 mm


Maximum sash dimensions for double sash constructionWidth 800 mm - Height 2500 mm (Construction with crossbeam)
Maximum sash dimensions for triple sash to six sashes constructionsWidth 400 mm - Height 2500 mm(Construction with crossbeam)


  • The design, production process and quality control of all ELVIAL profiles are certified according to the European standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • ELVIAL coating process is certified and conducted in accordance with the European standard QUALICOAT.


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