ELVIAL multilock systems EL 4300 Non-insulated System

It is the basis of the ELVIAL multilock systems range for frames with ideal value for money.


Main characteristics

  • Low cost system recommended for usual frames (width up to 1.50m and height up to 2.30m)
  • Increased burglar resistance
  • Mechanism of perimetrical lockings
  • Good level of insulation thanks to the use of German EPDM gaskets
  • Combines elegance and functionalism
  • Available in curvy shape
  • Possibility to create all kinds of opening frames
  • Easy placement of fittings in comparison with “Camera Europea” systems
  • Internal joint corner with set up holes for the hinges for optimal stabilization
  • Part of ELVIAL's European License 


Frame dimensionsWidth 55 mm, 180 mm - Height 55 mm
Sash dimensionsWidth 53,2 mm - Height 75,1 mm, 102 mm


Maximum sash dimensionsWidth 750 mm - Height 2200 mm
Minimum sash dimensionsWidth 310 mm - Height 400 mm
Maximum sash weight90 Kg
Glass thickness5 mm to 24 mm


Air permeabilityWatertightnessResistance to wind load
Cat. 4Cat. 5ΑCat. C2/Β3
Diamentions: 1500Χ2300mmDiamentions: 1500Χ2300mmDiamentions: 1500Χ2300mm

  • The design, production process and quality control of all ELVIAL profiles are certified according to the European standard ISO 9001:2008.
  • ELVIAL coating process is certified and conducted in accordance with the European standard QUALICOAT.
Types of Constructions
  • All types of opening frames


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