How To Make a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have become immensely popular over the past several years within the world of interior design. Not only do they offer designers and homeowners a fun way to incorporate family photos and meaningful décor in an abundant, maximalist way, they’re a great option for decorators who aren’t sure how to accessorize a large, blank wall in the home.

For interior design hobbyists who aren’t entirely sure the right way to plan a gallery wall and want to avoid making something sloppy and jumbled, here are a few tips to remember as you plan:


This is a great opportunity for the homeowner to showcase what makes their family special. Through what you chose to include, you’re able to tell a story about who the resident is as a person, what their interests are, and what’s meaningful to him or her. Family photos are always a great option, but try to think outside the box. Are you designing this wall for a marathon runner? Ask him or her if you can include on of the first medals they won at one of their most meaningful races. Small touches like this are always helpful additions in designing a space that doesn’t just look amazing, but feels personal and special too.


There are lots of different layout options for you to try. We recommend you first gather a collection of everything you’d like to include in your arrangement, then head to Pinterest and search for some example photos. Pick out three or four arrangements that you like, they lay out your pieces on the floor or a tabletop surface to see which you like best. Before nailing any choice down, you should also consider furniture placement. Is there a chair or sofa sitting beneath the gallery you’re about to hang? Always make sure to leave at least eight inches of space between said furniture and anything you hang above.

Play With Color

As with any other interior design update, it’s always important to generate a color palatte to work within. Although when it comes to things like family photos you might night entirely be able to control the color of all decorative items you’re including, creating a general palatte to use for things like frames and random decorative pieces will always give you the most put-together final look.

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