KTICIC Wood & Steel Solutions Ltd with its headquarters and exhibition space in Nicosia, as well as with partners all over Cyprus, is seeking in a competitive market the achievement of a leading character in the production and marketing of high quality kitchen furniture, cabinets, doors and aluminum. We guarantee our long experience in the construction industry as well as our cooperation with the most modern industrial units of Greece. Companies based on their industrial infrastructure, careful selection of raw materials and strict quality control, producing modern products with high quality at competitive cost. The factories, shops and products of the cooperating companies KARWOOD, ALOTEK, VIELE and ELDOOR are certified for the design, production, installation and customer support even after the sale.

The Products

KTICIC Wood & Steel Solutions Ltd offers complete solutions in the kitchen area    by combining suitable materials, accessories, mechanisms, hoods, sinks, mixers and electrical appliances. At the same time, it produces pantry cabinets of innovative design in a wide variety of colors, materials, dimensions and mechanisms. Through them, they organize and shape each space, ensuring ergonomics, functionality and ease of use at truly competitive prices. Finally, it features exterior aluminum door frames, interior doors, fire doors, as well as security doors of all types and requirements in aesthetic material and color.


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